Academics during COVID-19

    The Internet has proved to be a blessing in many fields. But has it proved the same in academics? While the whole world was just dreaming of employing the internet in academics, the so-called COVID-19 Pandemic has brought it into existence. Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has affected all the sectors of the economy, and the educational sector is one of them. Everyone wondered how the students will continue their academics in such a terrific situation. And then, the concept of E-learning came into existence.

    Though there were several barriers to employ this concept, finally, it is working successfully. But how well the students can understand their classes? Will the students gain the same level of practice as they gained while in schools? How far will this online class help them develop their knowledge without the physical presence of a tutor?

    Schools are considered to be a holy place where students get opportunities to be a part of many extracurricular activities other than studies. It also helps a student to develop different skills. Students get to learn the values of sharing, caring, and many such manners when among friends. Physical attention received by their teachers helps them to understand well and make them feel positive. School education helps a student to grow both physically and mentally.

    But, at the same time, e-learning has changed the overall concept of education. It has made the students understand the importance of self-education rather than spoon-feeding. It has reshaped the education system. But sometimes access to the internet may be difficult as everyone cannot afford it, especially the ones from backward regions of the society.

    Many researchers have got badly affected because of this pandemic as libraries, laboratories, etc. are all shut. Their research works have come to a hold.

    People have been accepting all the changes till now and can do it further too. We human beings have accepted all the modern technologies even though it was quite a challenging one. So to adopt this new way of classes may not be a difficult one.

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    Considering only the positive side of this, students have to cope up with this e-learning and take the education system to a different level.

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