Why do students struggle with assignment writing?

    We often mess up while writing an essay or an assignment. It is because of a lack of knowledge and confidence. Students usually struggle while writing an assignment and it’s quite natural. Let’s see what are the common problems faced while writing an assignment:

    1. Lack of topic knowledge can be a reason for the difficulty. This can lead to short of content or ideas. The reason for this lack of knowledge may be due to a lack of reading habits. To overcome this difficulty, one can inculcate reading habits as a daily routine.
    2. Lack of language fluency can be considered as another problem faced by students. Many tend to make grammatical errors in their assignment, which makes their work unreliable. Using a good set of words or vocabulary can be another issue. One must always maintain a dictionary while reading to improve vocabulary. Improper use of punctuations can mislead your assignment.
    3. Writing a good and meaningful introduction is a big task. An introduction decides whether the reader must continue reading your assignment or not.
    4. Another problem faced is to write an appropriate thesis statement. If your thesis statement doesn’t go hand in hand with the topic, your essay may go waste. So, try to attach an appropriate thesis for your assignment.
    5. Fear of making mistakes is another problem faced by the students while writing an assignment. Always write with confidence and share your ideas.
    6. Giving an impressive conclusion to your work is icing to the cake. But at the same time, it’s a difficult task where you need to bring out your ideas and opinion.
    7. Writing an appropriate bibliography and the right method of writing is an essential part of writing an assignment, and students face difficulty to pen it down.

    Though there are some difficulties in writing an assignment once you get an idea as to how to overcome these problems, assignment writing can prove quite interesting.

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