How to Write a Good Introduction for Your Essay?

    Essays are one of the best ways to improve one’s writing skills. But, sometimes writing an essay turns out to be a difficult task. Once we get an exact idea as to how to write an essay, it turns out to be an easy task.

    Before writing an essay, we must have a clear idea regarding the structure of an essay. The basic structure of an essay is:

    • BODY

    Though the structure seems quite easy, it is not that easy. There are some more things we need to add up in our essay other than the introduction, body, and conclusion. A good thesis statement is an important thing to add up in your essay.

    But where will you write the thesis statement? The thesis statements are usually written in the first paragraph i.e. the introduction part includes the thesis statement. The thesis statement is where you add argumental statements putting forth your idea about the topic. Remember, a thesis statement may not always be argumental. It is just a statement that covers the main idea of the essay.

    The introduction of an essay is the apex of an essay. So, one must write a strong introduction for your essay. The introduction must be in such a way that it urges the reader to read the essay further. It should catch the attention of the reader.

    One must give a brief description of the essay topic in the introduction. Your ideas, thoughts, and purpose must be reflected in your introduction. One of the best ways to catch the attention and interest of the reader is to make use of quotes. One must be careful while using quotes in your essay because an inappropriate quote may spoil your essay. So, choose your quotes effectively and carefully. It must be able to give some ideas about the topic.

    Questions can also be added in your introduction to make it more interesting for the reader. It must make the reader think for the answer, which in turn will make the reader read the essay in order to find the answer. But, make sure you have an appropriate answer to the question in the body of the essay.

    Another important point to remember while writing an introduction is that never try to over generalize the topic in the introduction. Just give a brief idea about the topic. Make your introduction short and simple rather than making it too complicated and so long so that the reader is quite comfortable reading your essay.

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