Tips for Writing an Effective Essay

    Technology has changed our lives. It has made our life easier than before. Access to education has been made simpler. We often get stuck up while writing an essay and prefer to take the help of the so-called technology. But, every trick works when it’s done with creativity. So, here are some tips as to how to write an effective or creative essay.


    Understanding your essay topic well is one of the most important points to remember while writing an essay. An essay with irrelevant information is unacceptable.


    One must have very good knowledge of the topic. Remember, ‘A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING’. So, before you script down your essay, make sure you have a full idea of what you are writing.


    An impressive introduction can catch up with the attention of the reader. Your introduction must urge the reader to read the rest of your essay. Explain the topic from your point of view. Share your ideas about the topic. One can add up interrogative sentences in the introduction.


    It makes your essay argumental and more interesting as you add up your opinion on the topic. For writing a thesis statement, make sure you have a clear idea about the topic. Include your thesis statement in the introduction.


    It is the right time to give examples of the topic for better understanding. Include your arguments related to the topic. Let it match up with your thesis. Add up your suggestions and ideas. Make sure you argue with full evidence. Use a simple language with a strong but simple vocabulary usage. Try not to get diverted from the topic and your arguments. Make the reader completely satisfied with your arguments. Try to bring out new ideas to make your essay more reliable. You can also share your experiences to make it more interesting.


    Now that the reader is impressed, let’s wind up the essay with an impressive and creative conclusion where you clear all the doubts and queries of the reader. Make sure there is no repetition of ideas, sentences, certain words, etc. Proofreading and editing is a must.

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