Common Mistakes Students Make in Essay Writing

    Students will be asked to write down essays and other academic papers every now and then. Professors assign different assignments to their pupils based on different subjects and topics. Students can become acquainted with writing by means of writing different academic papers. The thesis abstract, research paper, research proposal, movie review, PowerPoint presentation, thesis proposal, thesis writing, 5 paragraph essay, argumentative essay, annotated bibliography, book review, coursework, case study essay, compare and contrast essay, critical essay, essay writing, scholarship essay, term paper, dissertation proposal, dissertation writing, multiple choice questions, etc are a few of the assignments that students require writing. 

    For students, writing assignments never come easily as they are inexperienced and unskilled in writing different academic papers.  Skill and experience can make writing effective. You will be able to come up with a food quality academic paper if you have got sufficient experience and skill when it comes to writing different assignments. If you are experienced, you will know how to move on with writing and how to conduct research in order to collect materials needed to make your writing stand out one. You can gain much-needed experience in academic assignment writing if you practice writing every day.

    Students used to make a lot of mistakes when writing academic papers. It is understandable that people make mistakes in writing if they are not good at it and also find it hard to complete writing as they lack knowledge in writing. If students can understand the common mistakes that they make when writing academic assignments, they can avoid it when they actually write their essay or any other assignment. If you research online, you will be able to come across many articles that can tell you the general mistakes that pupil makes while writing their assignments. Here are some of the common mistakes that students make in essay writing:

    Complicated Introductions: Many of the students try to make introduction something else and most of the times, they fail to convey the actual points in the introduction. Remember that introductions don’t have to be intricate. You should inform the reader what will be discussed in the essay.

    Skipping Thesis Statement: In general, students don’t add the thesis statement in the introduction part of the essay. Keep in mind that Thesis Statement is a must in academic assignments writing tasks and you can never overlook adding thesis statement in the academic papers.

    Inappropriate Language: Another mistake that students commit while writing academic papers is writing the paper with inappropriate language. Students commonly fall short to make use of fitting language in the essay and it can lead them not to convey the points in an exact way.

    Terrible Arguments: The success of an essay or any other academic paper depends on how effectively students make arguments in the essay. They should produce unique and great arguments. However, the fact is that students fail to make good arguments.

    Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistakes are very common in writing. Professional writers also make spelling mistakes in their writing. It is common that writers make spelling mistakes in their writing. They can overcome it by reading the essay again which let them make the essay free from spelling errors.

    Wrong Word Usage: Among students of all academic level, there are choices of words and phrases that are usually bemused. Using them the wrong way in a sentence can amend the overall meaning of the sentence. Students also used to misuse some words in sentences and it shows the negligence. So, when in doubt, you should always verify the meaning of the words and use exact words.

    Wordiness: Wordiness is another mistake that students commit in their essay writing tasks. A sentence is wordy if it exercises more words than required to express meaning. Wordiness regularly makes essay writing imprecise.

    Lack of Evidence: When you present an argument in an essay, you should come up evidence to support your arguments. If you don’t present convincing evidence, the essay will look as if meaningless. It is a common mistake committed by most of the students.

    Abbreviated Words: Many of the students used to use abbreviated versions of words in their essay writing tasks. None of the readers will be interested to read your essay if it is written with abbreviated words. Readers may not understand abbreviated words and therefore, there is no use of adding abbreviated words in your essay.

    Long Sentences: A lot of students think that using long sentences can add beauty to their writing. It is unwise thinking because people always like simple and short sentences. If the essay sentences are long, people will not get the meaning of the sentences. So, evade the overuse of long sentences.

    Colloquialism and Slang Expressions: There are many students who bring in colloquialism and slang expressions in their essay writing tasks. They should make a conscious attempt to stay away from colloquialism and slang expressions as it can badly affect the overall quality of their essay.

    Repetition of Sentences, Words, and Ideas: Another most seen mistakes that pupil commit in their essay writing is the repetition of sentences, words, and ideas. It can be really boring and also destroys the quality of your writing.

    Lazy to Proofread and Edit: Students are lazy to proofread and edit the essay once they complete writing. Students should keep in mind that writing an essay is not complete until you proofread the essay and edit it if necessary. It will aid you to avoid all sorts of mistakes happened while writing an essay.

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