Basics of Writing an Academic Essay

    Writing an academic essay is a general writing task for college and university students. The ability to write an effective academic essay is a serious skill for school, college, and university students regardless of their country. However, most of the students struggle to write an effective academic essay as a result of their lack of knowledge, understanding, and skills in writing. None of the students can gain writing skills in a day or week and students can never dream of it as well. The reason is that gaining skills in writing may take months and even years to become expert in writing or attain skills in writing.

    When you write an academic paper, you should look at plenty of things in order to excel in your writing as a student and as a writer. As a writer, you should chiefly pursue clients’ orders, demands, interests and their requirements concerning paper length and amount of words and on the whole academic essay structure. As a student, you are required to meet the requirements of your teachers and also the program of study. In general, the academic essay tries to influence or convince the readers of an idea or thought centered on proof and real facts. The start of the essay is a vital first process in the academic essay writing process.

    Do you know the basics elements that you have got to follow while writing an essay? Here is a look at the basics of writing an academic essay:

    Select a Topic: One of the basic things that you cannot skip while writing your academic essay is an essay topic. You cannot see an academic paper without essay topic. The topic is very crucial and you should pick the ideal topic for your essay which should be attractive and attention-grabbing.

    Collect Data: Another basic element of writing an essay is collecting data and information for your essay. Do you know how to collect data for your essay? Research is the best way to collect data for your college and university academic paper. It will help you as much as data and details you need to write an academic paper in a standout way.

    Organize Your Ideas: After collecting sufficient ideas and data, it is time for you to organize it. Organizing ideas will help you to arrange thee points that should be added in the essay in order and also skip the points that you don’t want to include in your essay.

    Thesis Statement: There is always a need to create a comprehensible thesis statement in your academic paper. College and university essay clearly require a thesis statement. The thesis statement should convey the overall purpose and main ideas of your academic essay.

    Make An Outline: You cannot ignore creating an outline for your essay before start writing your essay. You have to write the main points and ideas of your academic essay topic. When you create an outline, you can write your arguments, write the main categories into which information will be split and the point of your essay, give details of the academic essay writing process, etc.

    Write An Introduction: The academic essay writing process start with writing the introduction. You can add the thesis statement of your essay in the introduction part of your essay. It should be written effectively so that readers reading the introduction can understand what you are going to discuss all over the essay.

    Write Body Paragraphs: You can move on to writing body paragraphs after completing the introduction part of your academic essay. In the body paragraphs, you should present your main arguments in detail. You should also ensure to back up each statement and argument with authentic examples, factual evidence, and clear analysis.

    Address Counterarguments: There will be many counterarguments when you write an essay. You should address it to make your essay as effective as possible. You should deal with the counterarguments with a lot of attention.

    Conclusion: You should wrap up your academic essay. The conclusion of your essay should sum up the main points and arguments of your essay. You cannot come up with a new argument and thought in your conclusion part of the essay. It should summarize the main ideas of your written paper.

    Revise and Edit: There are many students who don’t give importance to revise and edit the essay. They used to submit the essay with their professors once they complete writing but it is an unwise choice because there are will have some mistakes to be corrected. It can only be achieved through editing and revising of your completed essay.

    Cite Your Sources: Finally, you should ensure to cite your sources clearly and in the approved manner. If you don’t acknowledge or cite the sources that you have used while writing an academic essay, it can result in plagiarism. Therefore, take it very seriously and submit a perfect essay to your professor every time.

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