How Parents and Teachers Can Better Work Together to Develop Students’ Writing Skills?

    Writing is the best way to convey one’s ideas to others. Able to form an appropriate word, sentence, or quote without any grammatical mistake can be termed as writing skills. In this world of modern education and knowledge, writing skills play an important role in students’ life. Most of the grades in schools and colleges depend upon how well a student can write on a particular topic. And, this is where students get frustrated with their studies. The best way to improve one’s writing skills is to practice. Parents and teachers must take the utmost care to make their children improve their writing. What can be done to develop students’ writing skills?

    Parents and teachers are the ones who lead a successful path for their children and students. Children always tend to imitate their parents and teachers, and it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to help their kids building a successful career. They play an important role in every child’s life. So, it is important to instill in them the necessary skills they require for their future. Among them, one is the writing skill.

    Everyone faces a lot of problems when asked to write something. And often, teachers and parents get frustrated and confused when it comes to teaching their kids to write. However, there are different and interesting methods to teach your kid to improve their writing skills.

    Children love playing games. So, why not use this technique to make them learn? A child must be taught to write from the beginning of their academic life. How to start? The first and foremost thing is to teach your kid how to hold a pen or a pencil. Once they become comfortable using the tool effectively, writing may prove interesting for them. Never jump directly to what you want to achieve from them.

    To make writing more interesting, you can just ask your child to obey your command and draw or write accordingly. You can ask your child to draw lines, circles, numbers, alphabets, etc. Give them scores, points, or stars to make them enjoy the practice. Once done with the basics, you can move on to a bit difficult one. Ask your kid to write their name by themselves.

    Now you can give them a few alphabets and ask them to form two-letter or three-letter words. Make sure you also make them read those words so that they can learn how to spell those words along with the writing. Once done learning the words, start with sentences. You can jumble the words of sentences and ask your kid to unscramble them.

    Another interesting method is to provide a beautiful and colorful picture and asking them to write what they see in the picture. In the beginning, let them just write the things they see. Later ask them to form sentences. Make sure that you correct their sentences and explain to them where they went wrong. Once your child has reached this stage that your child can form simple sentences without many mistakes, you can give them simple essay topics to write themselves. For example, to write something about family, about himself/herself, etc., also ask them to paste pictures to make it more interesting.

    You can pin all your child’s writings and transform them into a book. It will make your child interested in doing more. Reading is the best way to improve writing skills as one gets to learn new words and vocabulary. Encourage your child to read articles and note down a new lexicon and make a collection of new words. It will help them to use those in their writings.

    Teachers can also ask the students to write a diary on either a daily or weekly basis. Once they make it a practice, they will surely start improving their writing skills. Students can also be encouraged to write their own short stories or poems, which will also improve their skills in creative thinking.

    There must always be a follow up of whatever activities you conduct. Only then will the child have proper practice in whatever he/she does. Daily practice will surely make your child a good writer. There are always several ways to achieve something. The one who works for it can successfully achieve it. Thus the quote says, “where there is a will, there is a way.”

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