Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

    Today, we live in a world where technology is everywhere. You can find the influences of technology all over the place. Our personal, social, academic, and professional lives are influenced by technology a great deal. We have witnessed the growth of technology over the last decades and it has become tough for humans beings to live without the technology these days. It is hard for us to find a person with any of the mobile phones, computers, laptops, and many more. The extensive growth of technology has made the whole thing in our society advanced.

    The development of technology has made enormous differences in all fields including education, medicine, business, etc. The dawn of the internet, computers, laptops, and mobile phones has resulted in revolutionary changes in our modern society. The ways people behave every day in their life have fully altered in the modern age as a result of the progression of technology. At present, it is very difficult for people to live even a single without using their internet, computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

    Education is a vital field where technological advancements influenced heavily. Teaching and learning have improved a lot these days due to the availability of technological advancements in the classroom. Teachers bring into play technology in the classroom to facilitate their teaching and to make students comfortable in the classroom. Students are learning better and handling the subjects easier than ever before through the implementation of technology.

    In our epoch, technology incorporation in schools, colleges, and universities has developed into an inevitability. The reason is that students require enhancing technology skills to get the job in their dreams and also to make their future secured. Technology integration in the classroom helps students to gain certain technology knowledge skills required to excel in their professional life. The integration of technology in learning has helped students to be active in their learning.

    Technology integration denotes the exploitation of technological resources like laptops, computers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media networks, software applications, the Internet, etc. In general, school, college, and university students are more fascinated by technology and therefore, the integration of technology in teaching will help the teachers grab the attention of students easily and also enhance the learning of students.

    Technology resources can be used in everyday classroom practices. If the integration of technology has to be successful, teachers and students should make use of it fully. The technology has to be used to support the curricular goals. Technology integration helps students and teachers to personalize learning, and improve teamwork. Students become more engaged through technology. The use of technology will help students to take more control over their learning and become active in their learning.

    Technology integration endorses extended learning by offering students more resources to boost their learning. It presents fresh methods of collecting and recording data. Students can obtain information to make their studies undemanding and effective. The Internet is a huge source to obtain information and knowledge on different topics and subjects. Students can use the internet to enhance their learning and also solve their doubts on different subjects.

    Technology integration enables visual learning. Watching videos or images of the study can develop students’ learning. Students and teachers can share study materials and other documents online, check them in real-time and clarify them in real-time. Technology helps teachers prepare lessons and become effective in their teaching. Students and teachers can make teaching and learning difficult subjects like math and science enjoyable, and interesting. Technology inclusion offers peer collaboration apart from promoting individual learning and development. The integration of technology prepares students for the real world.

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