Why Assignment Writing Is A Recursive Process?

    Without a doubt, academic assignment writing is a recursive process. Writing assignments is a process of recurrence. The more you repeat the process of writing, the better you become as a writer. Assignment writing is a regular activity as it is a part of the academic curriculum. None of the students can run away from the task of academic writing since it is part of their studies and also let them perform better in their studies. Some people learn better through the writing process because it gives them a much-required exercise of learning. Writing is an important exercise that students can practice to learn better.

    You will be given the assignment to write on a subject or topic that is taught in the classroom or write a personal reflection on a story or novel. Once you get an assignment to write down, you have to sit down in front of your computer or laptop to write it. Then, you start researching on a topic to write down and carry out research on the topic that you have chosen. Next, you will move on writing the introduction, think on thesis statements and creates a thesis. You will, then, start writing body paragraphs and end with a conclusion. You may erase the whole paper and starts all over again to make it perfect. It is the main reason why assignment writing is called a recursive process.

    Recursive writing generally intends that we repeat writing. In assignment writing, we follow commonly accepted essay writing steps or writing process and develop our approach to writing. When you write repeatedly, you will develop a writing habit or approach of yourself and make writing look as if simple. By writing more, we will learn how to follow the steps of writing and understand how to return to or repeat ideas. Recursive writing not only means that you follow all the steps of the writing process from beginning to end but it also denotes that you to take different ideas and combine it to fit the whole paper.

    Many people think that writing is a messy process. It is almost a truth that writing is a messy process if you don’t find it interesting. You can make writing a fun-packed process if you acknowledge that writing is a procedure that repeats. Do not think that following the steps of writing can lead to completion. You have to go through the paper again once you complete writing. You should also consider writing as repetitive, developing, stopping, hindering sharing, blocking and changing process. Once you learn the habit of revising, editing, proofreading, rewriting, you can always learn from your writing.

    Writing is a procedure that includes a minimum of four clear steps such as prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. When you write assignments, you are expected to do lots of thinking, reading, and rethinking. Writing involves the drafting and revision process which makes your writing perfect. When you write something, you have to return to the prewriting step to expand and build up your ideas and thoughts. Recursive writing lets writers sharpen their writing skills, develop ideas and thoughts, ensure to make thoughts fit into the whole paper, offers more freedom in their writing and enhance their approach and style of writing.

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