Book Review Writing Tips for Students

    For students, academic life will be packed with academic assignment writing tasks. None of the students can run away from their academic assignment writing tasks due to its importance in their academic life. Professors generally ask the students to write down many assignments in order to calculate the ability and efficiency of students when it comes to passing on their thoughts and point of views onto the paper. If professors understand that you are good at communicating your thoughts and viewpoints successfully to the paper, you will definitely receive a good grade for the assignment.  

    One of the regular assignments that college and university students receive from their professors is book review or book analysis. Do you know how to analyze or review a book effectively? If you are a professional essay writer, it is going to be easy for you to make an analysis on a book or write a review on every aspect of the book. But, if you are not a good writer, you will certainly struggle to get done your book review. In general, a book review illustrates, examines and evaluates a book under discussion. The book review, in fact, expresses an opinion, backing it up with evidence from the targeted book.

    As far as the students are concerned, writing a book in a way that their professors look after is a tough task. There are many online articles that can teach you how to write a stand out book review based on the requirements of your professors. Here are some of the effective tips to write a great book review:

    Pick A Book: You should initially pick a book to review. The book should help you to come up with a stand out book review. In most of the cases, teachers will give you books to review and if they don’t give, you should pick a book to review.

    Read the Book: It is almost impossible to review a book if you don’t read it. If you read the book, it is going to be easy for you to understand its story, characters, theme, tone, the author’s main argument, the types of evidence used, etc. You can understand the whole nature of the book if you go through the book carefully.

    Take Notes: When you read the book carefully, you should give importance to take the notes.  It will be helpful for you if you take notes on material that you think can be relevant or quotable. You can take notes on your thoughts of the author’s ideas and arguments.

    Highlight the Main Ideas: While doing a book review, you should focus on the main points of the book and also draw attention to the author’s main ideas. The book review that you do should give readers sufficient details to assist them to get to know the author’s main ideas.

    Offer Critical Evaluation: A book review should provide a description and critical evaluation. You should keep in mind that writing a book review is not all about summarizing. It offers you a chance to present a critical discussion and evaluation of the book so that others can get in detail idea of the book.

    A helpful book review illustrates what is on the page, examines how the book tried to accomplish its purpose, objective and communicates any reactions and arguments from a distinctive point of view. When students write a book review, there are in fact many advantages that they can have and some of them include:

    • Reviewing a book can enhance reading comprehension. Reviewing a book assists a student’s reading comprehension.
    • Book review will give students the opportunity to put across an opinion or view. They can also develop new thoughts and ideas.
    • It can help students to develop his or her writing style. They can understand the writing styles of different authors and develop their own writing style.
    • Writing book reviews will help students to be aware of how to read and think in a certain way.
    • It also presents you an opportunity to bring together a precise, logical reading with a strong and personal approach.

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