Why Do My Essays Always Have Some Mistakes?

    Essays are the most commonly used form of academic writings in most of the institutions. They are incorporated in so many disciplines due to their unique format and layout. In academic institutions, essays are usually aimed at evaluating students on their writing capabilities as well concerned on marking those scripts are usually harsh on the essay format and more often looks for some of the simple mistakes that students are usually fond of. The best essay writing service can write an essay that is free from the mistakes that students usually make in their writing. Intentionally or unintentionally, students normally don’t give any concern to such cases of silly mistakes and they get out of the examination room happy convincing to themselves that they have done a perfect work and they deserve high scores at the end of the whole process. However, this all can be resolved if all the students are aware of some of the mistakes that they make when writing those essays. Let’s take a look on some of them.

    Inconsistency On The Tense

    In most of the essay writings, the students or any other concerned individuals are given the authority to choose from the type of tense they should use in their paper. However, cases arise where one might find himself mixing up all the type of tenses due to different personal issue such as time factor. The best essay writing service will ensure that you are submitting an essay that is written on the perfect tense. If the students want to write basic events about a novel or a movie, he should be consistent with the tense bearing in mind that he or she can mix up the reader in cases of wrong tenses thus accruing to low marks allocation at the end of the whole matter.

    Lack Of Experience While Paraphrasing

    This is the most commonly repeated form of mistakes in most of the students’ assignments. Students should be aware of some of the silly mistakes such as direct quoting an author in his or her work and the best essay writing service knows the general mistakes that students make when writing and they will avoid the mistakes when they write for you. In cases of direct quotations, a provision of the authors’ remarks should be well visible so as to recognize his or her academic effort in that specific field. If quoting from online sources, the student should expect a distortion of the tense that might render confusion in the whole essay paper. To evade this atrocity, the student is expected to paraphrase the statements in their correct tense so as to maintain the flow of the tense in the essay paper.

    The Usage Of Incomplete Sentences

    To be very frank, this is the most common mistakes experienced by the essay writing newbies who are ignorant of the subject, verb and order technique used in sentences construction. The best essay writing service has writers who can write your essay in perfect sentence construction. Incomplete sentences usually accrue to confusion due to the fact that it tampers with the general flow of the essay. Incomplete sentences might be as a result of the modern-used languages that are vague and lack the higher standards of sentence constructions. In cases of students, they should limit themselves to the use of such vague languages and try to streamline to the correct contextual grammar. Furthermore, they should try to create to about 15 minutes of their time while reading the novel.

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