Some of the Mistakes in Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

    A five paragraph essay is mostly used in the higher learning education status in the current academic status. It circulates the same concepts with other types of essays only that in this specific type of an essay, the layout tends to be different. The format insists on a five paragraph mode of description whereby the writer or a student should have an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

    Since essay writing is inevitable in the education system, the majority of the students tend to follow the format very clearly and if you are unsure of a five paragraph essay format, the best essay writing service online can write it for you. Students focus more on some of the strict rules such as copy-pasting from the internet which is highly prohibited as well as the inclusive of the thesis stamen but tends to forget some of the basics such as paragraphs constructions which are so basics in the general flow of the essay.

    Interestingly, the assumed aspect is the most crucial things since there is no way here on earth a student can attain higher marks without the correct development of the paragraphs. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that students tend to make while writing a paragraph.

    Too Short Paragraphs

    Students tend to write very short paragraphs that bears less meaning in relation to the topic sentence. To the newbies, they tend to include at around two to three short sentences. The writers of the best essay writing service know the length of each paragraph. In most cases, the sentences do not follow the correct form of grammar such that it’s not a surprise to miss a verb in one of the sentences. Students should at least include five to six full sentences that are complicated and rich in the argument capabilities. Short paragraphs are considered to be of less meaning thus renders low marks allocation at the end results.

    Too Long Paragraphs

    It has come to the professional consideration that majority of the students tends to have this problem in their entire academic work. The best essay writing service has professionals to make your paper as professional as possible. The majority are ignorant on the specific area of substituting another paragraph in their due entire work. Writing too long mistakes should also be included as amongst the academic frauds present in the academic penalties such as plagiarism. After all, the readers’ concentration tends to lower as the paragraph continues to be more and longer. After seven to nine sentences, the reader tends to lose the concentration of the entire work.

    Poor Paragraph Structure

    A normal paragraph should consist of a topic sentence, a supporting sentence as well as the clincher sentence. Students tend to ignore these basic elements in the paragraph construction. You can get away from the poor paragraph structure with the help of the best essay writing service online. The absence of a topic sentence depicts the whole idea present in the paragraph into confusion. In the supporting sentence, students are expected to prove their agreeability to the topic sentence thus a number of in-text citations are expected to be present. Furthermore, they should avoid the loss of focus in their paragraph structure. The supporting elements should never deviate away from the topic sentence at all the ways possible.

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